About Melanie


Melanie Ferguson’s distinctive artistic style reflects a lifelong commitment to curiosity, wonder and beauty.

She grew up in Utah’s spectacular Wasatch Mountains, exploring the mysteries of nature at her family’s lake cabin, where her free-spirited grandmother inspired her to live life on her own terms.

Growing up, Melanie always had a love for creating something from nothing. Creating all kinds of craft projects, sewing, taking pictures with an old camera, creating plays for the neighborhood kids was the start of her art career. Creativity was where she felt most at home , and it was always encouraged.  “Both my mother and grandma were artists, and I learned early on what magic a word, a thread, or a tube of paint can create.”

Melanie’s art journey began in college with a drawing and photography class.  It has taken many paths to get where she is today. She moved to Los Angeles in her 20’s, got married started a family, navigating a new city, starting a new family didn’t leave much time to pursue art. But Melanie took a class whenever she could.   Art kept me focused on who I was, and what I passionately wanted to do in my life.  When my girls left for college I booked a trip to paint the France countryside, and a whole new world in Plein Air painting opened up!

Many years later Melanie is still pursuing the creative life.  Always excited when that creative spark ignites, to see something that inspires…a new color, a new product, or a new subject to paint.  Melanie designed her home studio as her magical space where paintings and creative projects come alive. It has a nook for books, and a big comfy chair to read, a big easel to paint her landscapes and still life, and space to house all the supplies needed to create year-round.  Travel is also a much needed inspiration;  she can’t wait to record the colors, culture, and nature in her journal, paint those scenes that stop you in your tracks.

 Melanie’s current style starts with an abstracted first layer, adding texture, colors, thick paint, etc.  Then I edit, refine in the next layers, creating my landscapes or a floral painting.  It might take a week or a month, sometimes a year to create the final painting that meets all my aesthetics.  It’s not finished until the painting tells me its done, then I can let it go to a new home.

Melanie hopes to create art that uplifts, energizes, gives the viewer a sense of the beauty in nature.  Her paintings provide a peaceful, happy, and calming scene, maybe from a memory of a place traveled to, or a place held dear. Nature is her inspiration and one she’ll never tire of, or find a lack of material, nature’s beauty is endless.


Melanie’s Bio:

Melanie’s art career began in college, and has included post-graduate study at Palos Verdes Art Center (2003-2006), Otis Art College (2006) and the Brentwood Art Center (2001 to 2003, 2007 to present.

Workshops Attended:

Quang Ho, Provence, France (June 2019)
Jill Carver, Sun Valley, Idaho (October 2013, 2017)
Michael Workman, Sedona, Az (2012)
Mentored by Kevin Macpherson, one of his Pro D*J students mentoring online program (2012-2013)
Scott Christensen, Victor, Idaho (2011)

Solo and Group Shows:

Art Access Gallery, Salt Lake City, 2020
Elements Bakery Park City, Utah 2019
Solo Exhibit at Red Butte Gardens Salt Lake City, Utah 2019
Holladay Art Show, Holiday Utah, 2019
(won second place)
Artblend Art Fair, Hamptons 2019
Utah Womens' Art Show 2018
Schomburg Gallery "Color, Texture & Line" 2017
Utah Womens' Art Show 2016
Schomburg Gallery – Holiday Open Studio Stroll 2011
Schomburg Gallery -Postcards, Memories & Quiet Spaces 2011
Brentwood Travel Abroad Art Show 2011
Park City Local Supporting Local Art Show 2010
Brentwood Student Show 2010
Brentwood Student Show 2009

Featured in Deer Valley’s Best ” Artist to Watch”2010
Featured in Westside Magazine " Postcards, Memories, & Quiet Spaces-Artists traveling to Paint" 2011
Featured in Westside Magazine " American Art Collector" April 2018 Emerging Artists


Chosen as Xanadu Gallery mentored in Scottsdale Az