How Can Artists Develop “Personal Style”

In art, we all have our own artistic style, it’s the way we paint, how we write, and what we wear.  It’s one of the most important areas of focus when we’re in a creative field.

It’s as personal as our handwriting, fashion, colors we use, the list goes on.  Our style distinguishes us from everyone else out there, it’s our personality, and how we communicate to the world.  So learn how to develop your unique style.

Here’s a list I found to help me focus on creating what I love and perfecting my style:

  • They say when you develop your self-confidence, personal style will follow.  I agree if you don’t believe in your art or ideas, how can you share it with others.  Do what you have to do, take more classes, paint more paintings, get really good at what you do, it creates confidence for you to take the next step!
  • Filter! Edit!  Be picky with what you look at.  Follow only those on Instagram, FB who inspire you.  Read what inspires you, pin what you love!  Decide by using that gut response what “wows” you.  It’s doing the research, find what inspires you, and write it down.  A great project Nicholas Wilton had us do in his online course, Art2life was creating an inspiration board.  It really makes you sit back and think what it is you love!  To share what you love, you have to know what you love.
  • Really important …avoid copying the personal style of someone else.  The beauty in this world is we all see something different; we are unique and following in someone shoes is a disservice to us all.  We want to see what you see, or feel.  Don’t become a trend slave!  Be True to what naturally attracts you, and who you are!
  • Style is about being authentic, bold and confident.  We see it in fashion, art, those people who love what they love, don’t care about impressing others!  So don’t apologize for being you, we want to know you, everyone has something unique to share.  The world would be a very boring place without you in it!
  • Very important to be kind to yourself. Learn all you can, appreciate your talents. Your style flows when you know what your good at!  Don’t be fearful to try new things, failure is what teaches you the most.
  • Read all the art magazines you can, foreign and local.  Travel to different cultures, follow the people who you admire, take workshops to learn new techniques, create a community with other creative people, create a blog…so many things to keep you moving forward learning your style!
  • Be Different, Stand Out, Believe in You!

Most important “Have Fun” don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas, grow, and share what you love.  Remember we’re all on the same path!

“Free Birds” 36×36 on canvas/ Mixed Media



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