Pinterest, Instagram… Is One Social Media better than the other?

I’ve been contemplating my social media sites… Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, and wondering how important are these social media sites!

I use Facebook to reconnect with friends near & far, and to let my friends see what is going on in my life and with my art.  It’s a great site for that, but I started thinking, “how many people come to my art website from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc?”  The analytics on my website is really a great way to measure where people are coming from…surprising my biggest number of visitors is on Pinterest.  Also I looked through my Facebook fan page to see who liked it, and saw there were a lot of people I didn’t know, so somehow I’m getting my art out there…more than I know, which keeps me posting!

I admit, I enjoy that Sunday crawl through my newsfeed, or pinning on Pinterest.  I love looking at the art being created out there, and videos that teach different techniques…its priceless.  These social media sites are valuable!  The more ways your art can be seen the better, and I think social media is a necessity for Artists these days.  As complicated as it can be, it’s really up to us to learn how to use it to market our art. So it can be really time consuming learning how to optimize these sites.

With all that time spent learning I also want to simplify my life, and all these sites can be time consuming, so for me that meant eliminating a few of these sites.  I decided on Instagram, Facebook, and lately my social media of choice is Pinterest.  These sites work the best for me, and I’m comfortable using them.  They don’t consume my life, and it’s productive!

My question to you is “Do you have any sites you couldn’t live without, if you do I’m really interested in hearing what your choice of social media you think serves you the best.”  Our world is so much more complicated with all the social media, but I believe if you keep it simple, use it as a marketing tool, it will go a long way.

Happy Hunting…and keep it Simple!



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