Selling Art!

I love being an artist, my passion for art and travel is how I want to live my life.

Seeing the beauty in this world prompts me to paint what I see, and it started just as that.  As my canvas’s start piling up, I asked myself
” why hide my art,” if it can bring happiness to someone’s day, I’m going to put it out in the world.

I’m going to go full out and admit that selling art is not for the faint of heart.  I look at the time I spend in painting, finding my style, perfecting my style, taking art lessons, learning the business side, and preparing the frames and layout for art shows is only a small portion of being an artist.

I spend hours learning social media, and have to admit without my social media savvy daughters I would be lost!  It’s always changing, and you have to keep up with the trends, so you’re always researching, and trying to figure it out, then implementing!

I have spent hours on the organization and creation of my website, and that is an ongoing process.  You have to become your own critic. For a while I was putting every painting I had ever done on my website, but not all are masterpieces…the theory “less is more” really applies here.

Also adding into this mix, going out and finding venues such as galleries, online sites, etc to show your art.  It’s all up to you, no-one is holding your hand and if you want to be successful and get out there, you have to commit to doing the work.  It’s scary!  I’m out of my comfort zone daily promoting my art.  But it’s exhilarating to get into that gallery you’ve been talking to, or win an award on a painting, my favorite was being chosen to do an art podcast with Xanadu gallery for a year (2017) on “How to Get Into Galleries.”  Those awards make it all worth it, and according to my art teacher, Nicholas Wilton, of Art2Life, something new in your life makes you feel alive!

So I’m going to keep on getting out there, trying to collect emails, get people interested in my art, because I believe that one small act of creating a painting can add a smile to someone’s face.  My favorite email was from Stacy at Elements Kitchen & Bakery (Park City) where my art is hanging now…

“I just had to tell you that we all here at Element are in love with your work.  It brightens all of our days walking in and seeing it.  Thank you!”

Stacy Smyth

FOH Manager

This made my day, and keeps me painting, so I’ll keep learning, organizing, painting, researching to make my art…I wouldn’t change my life in any way.  Thank you all who love my art…you keep me painting!



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