“Sold,” is there ever a more powerful word to an artist?  My show Postcards, Memories & Quiet Spaces wrapped up this week.  I had a follow up show with a group of people who couldn’t make the opening, so I had two nights with my friends showing my artwork.  I have to say if you’re on the fence whether to do another night, do it, I was surprised how successful, and fun the second show was.   Bottom line,  Artist’s like to show their work, it’s how we communicate with the world, and show a little piece of our soul.  The gallery experience was amazing, and a first for me.  I loved Susan, the owner of Susan Schromburg Gallery in Santa Monica Ca.  She was delightful, professional, and always there to help,  sell your artwork, wrap up the final stages.  I am very thankful she was my first experience with a Gallery, and with anything new, I learned a ton.

Number 1 be organized, and consistent.  I made a list of the paintings I sent to the gallery, and it helped me know what I had there, the names for the paintings on the website, and pricing.  I had 19 paintings of France in the show, and sold 14…not bad for a first!  I felt so fortunate, loved the stories that people told me “why they bought a painting.”  Art is such an emotional connection, and as an artist I realize that a collector has to have a personal connection to buy a painting.  The people who bought my art had many reasons, the foremost being that it reminded them of places they had seen and loved (and they weren’t places in France), or many had connections to the art because it had some connection to memories growing up.  I saw how powerful art can be…it humbled me as an artist, I saw how it takes people back to places or people who have impacted their lives.  I am very thankful, and honoured that I have a small part in this connection.  I guess you could say it is my gift to my collectors, my vision somehow gives them one of those quiet moments, memories of the beauty in their lives….. I am in awe of the creative process!


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