How to Make a Store-Bought Bouquet Look Amazing!

All year round I love to have a beautiful vase of flowers in my home. In winter especially it reminds me that spring is around the corner! It’s bright, colorful and depending on the flowers can spread an amazing fragrant throughout your home.  I also love to paint flowers, and I paint a lot of them, so I had to find a cheaper way to create bouquets, and what’s not to love about fresh flowers. Fresh flowers allow you to feel like you are in a beautiful garden in your own home.  However it can get expensive, especially if your buying through a florist, so here’s some tips from experts on creating budget-friendly bouquets you buy at the grocery store.

  •  Select a mix of colored and neutral flowers.  You can use the flowers & greenery from your yard also to add to the bunch.  If you’re buying from the store, select 3 different types of flowers in complementary tones, or your favorites.  Good rule of thumb, I usually pick one bright color to pair with a muted or neutral tones.
  • Vary the Shape of the Flowers.  In addition to color you’ll want to consider shapes.  Pick at least one round-headed flower (my favorite are sunflowers) and pair that with more linear varieties. Don’t be afraid to use carnations, they can really add color, texture, and they smell great too.  Tulips are an example of a linear flower.
  • Don’t forget greens, sometimes you can buy them at the store in bunches or cut a variety of colors and shapes from your yard.  Mixing in greens takes your arrangement to the pro level!  It can give you that wild, country garden look.
  • Choose long lasting varieties, you want your bouquet to last as long as possible.  Some of my favorites are calla lilies, carnations, spray roses, oriental lilies, tulips.  Look for hearty stems, thick, solid-stemmed flowers usually last longer, whereas thin hollow stems dont.
  • Now you’re ready to go, first thing to do is prep your flowers.  Strip the leaves off the bottom of each stem, leaves in the water causes bacteria and your blooms will fade faster.  Keep the top leaves on to help the flowers open.  Also snip off the bottom of each stem, this helps the flower suck up water.
  • Stagger your blooms…first lay the greenery down diagonally on the paper in a fan shape.  Next lay the carnations on the greens, about 2 inches below the top level of the greenery, stagger them in height so they’re not in a straight line.  Do the same with the other bunches of flowers you bought, fanning them all out on top of each other.  To make the  bouquet easier to handle tie the stems with a piece of ribbon, etc, then cut the stems to different heights, which creates a balanced, multi-level design.  Put in one stem at a time, and turn your vase as you work to ensure your arrangement looks great from every angle.
  • Mistakes you don’t want to make…not staggering the flowers in height and combining too many bold (primary colors) choose flowers from opposite sides of the color wheel ( you can find one online) and select different greens to compliment. You can also use herbs for your greens, and can have one type of flower in alternate shades.
  • Lastly have fun arranging the flowers, use your creativity, pick out a beautiful vase.  You can use floral tape to make a grid at the top of your vase to help your flowers stand up.   Flowers in your home whether for a dinner party, your kitchen island, bedroom etc brightens up a dreary day and brings nature indoors.  There are so many benefits, so have fun creating your bouquets!

           PS…Great tip!  The cheapest bouquets of flowers can be found at Trader Joes.  Lots of varieties too!  



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