Do not miss David Gallup exhibition “California’s Channel Islands”

I just saw one of the most inspiring exhibits I’ve ever seen.  David Gallups paintings (60 in all) of the California Channel Islands were beautiful, a real study of the animals (who would’ve thought Foxes lived on those islands off the coast), and topography of the islands.  I loved the night scenes, and felt like he took me to these islands without a boat!  If you want an inspiring outing, and as a painter I love the idea of chronicling nature, you have to see his paintings.  A serious study of nature and those who habitat the area are right up my alley.

I feel one of the many jobs of an artist is to show people places, and nature that they might never see or  visit.  After seeing the exhibit (great venue by the way at Pepperdine University) I planned a road trip with my daughter, we want to see these islands first hand, for this David Gallup did his job, he inspired me to see the islands he was so captivated by.  If you get a chance, buy his book, I read it in a day, it explained in more detail his journey to paint these beautiful, inhabited islands….worth the day trip, and want to thank CAC for sending out the notice. Go see the exhibit, you wont be disappointed!

CAC Signature Artist Member
David Gallup:
California’s Channel Islands

Frederick R. Weisman (Pepperdine University in Malibu/Ca)
Museum of Art

May 21 – July 31 2011



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