Hawaiian Color Palette

A Hawaiian adventure is always on the top of my travel bucket list, and on this trip the Hawaiian palette didn’t disappoint.  The vivid, lush colors inspired me to get those paint brushes out and PAINT!  The greens, blues & beige colors with hints of red are Hawaii’s own rainbow of beautiful colors.  Something in the atmosphere translates differently in Hawaii, not only does life slow down, but everywhere you look your overwhelmed with bright colors, fragrant air, and the reminder to experience the beautiful world nature provides us.  I feel lucky as an artist to share this beauty I see, feel, and pass those feelings on to my viewer.

To give you an idea what I see, I take tons of photos to remind me of the colors I see when I travel.  I use these as a reference when I paint, they say nature has the best palettes and it never fails me.  Painting in my studio looking at a photo is only used to remind me of the beauty I want to convey to the viewer.  Creating is my first love, I use color, texture & feeling to create my pieces. I let my intuition guide me through a painting, and hope that what comes out, conveys to my viewer the beauty and awe I felt when I saw the scene.  Photography is my

second love because I can capture those jaw dropping beautiful moments, and it’s cataloged in my brain for future reference.  Here are a few of the photos that inspire my next paintings!

The colors are so rich & vivid…I love the turquoise water, light green vegetation, and a hint of pink.  Hawaii is one of my favorite travels, relaxes the mind, and inspires the soul!  Aloha Park City, I’m ready for my next painting!



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