How to Find Inspiration in your Own Flower Garden?


Spring is here and the new flowers are coming up! As the flowers sprout, I am planting away in my garden as it is one of my favorite hobbies this time year. Not only does it provide my family with tasty organic vegetables and beautiful flowers, growing your own saves money and time. It makes sense these days, especially since we’re staying home more.

A Rose is a Rose 6×6 on panel $130.00

Flowers are a favorite subject of mine to paint. Having plenty of blooms to pluck for painting inspiration out my back door is a real treat. During this time of year, these blooms decorate various rooms of my house to provide extra beauty. Beauty that I love to paint!

Living out in the country, there are many wild flowers. These wild flowers as well as the flowers planted in my garden make beautiful economical bouquets. Below are a few floral paintings of mine inspired by these summer blooms.


If you love flowers and want to surround yourself year round floral paintings bring peace and beauty to your home. If you think friends or family would be interst in seeing my art, pass on my website linked below!

Last Blooms of Summer 16×16 oil/mixed media on panel

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