Painting & Travel… easy to do???

Ok, I have to say I thought making art while on vacation was easy, but I have decided it’s like anything else, you have to plan & prepare.  Presently I’m traveling in Amsterdam, beautiful city, and so much to see and do, although not as warm as I thought, you definitely need a rain coat here.  I live in California, where weather is never really an issue, it’s sunny most of the time, so to go outside and paint is not about weather.  In the last week I have wandered the streets in Amsterdam, Brussels, and Brugge, almost every day I have woken up to rain, so I pack my sketch book, pencils, and hope for a little sun.  I have been able to sit and sketch, but only for a couple of hours, my paints have seen no action.  The time needed to set up, do my thumbnails, and get to painting is not condusive to on & off again rain.  So they sit in my bag, and hopefully I’ll use them when I get to New York next week, although that’s not looking good either, we are on the tail of the hurricane Irene!  I do have my trusty camera with me, which I have taken thousands of pictures that will remind me of the beautiful cities on the canals.  Bruggs was a favorite, although I recommend going off season…the quaint town is ancient feeling, and I loved sitting in the squares having my cafe lattes.  They call Brugge the little Venice of the North, which I could say that of Amsterdam too, both are amazing, and such a beautiful sights.

The swans in Brugge parks own the town, so happy we have invented cameras,  I have many photos of the swans, parks, and street scenes of these three cities, and will use them for reference, along with my sketches to paint some of my favorite scenes….stay tuned and sign up for my blog, so you can see my fresh paintings fresh off the easel!



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