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I took an Encaustic class and fell in love with BEESWAX!  I love the texture, and the muted/vintage look that wax has over different photos, papers, and found objects.  Its fun, I can add a dried flower or rusted piece of tin and create an interesting look with a photo I have taken.  On the painting above, I used wall paper tape to create the small boxes, another great thing is to recycle the tape itself after it has layers of wax covering it.   Rub on stickers that you can buy at scrapbooking stores are interesting and fun to use.  So many things to add interesting textures, shapes and objects.  I’m drawn to anything that allows me to use my creativity…I never know how it’s going to turn out, some don’t, but others I love.  It’s all about playing, not worrying about the end result, and like all art….ENJOY the journey!  It’s never about the end result, which keeps me centered in creating art that comes from my heart, not worrying about if the painting will sell.  Below are some tips I’ve learned using Beeswax…

Ventilate, Ventilate, Ventilate…the fumes are toxic so protect your health.

Play with different materials, many objects are found around the house.

Lay out all your materials on a large table, and use 2 hotplates so you have room for different colors of wax.

You don’t have to clean all the brushes, just let it cool in the container with the wax

Oil sticks are great and fun to use, it adds vibrant color

Keep old jewellery and use it in pieces, adds an interesting element.

Practice layering on the first coat of wax, be sure you fuse your materials you add to the painting with the blow torch/heat dryer.

When you add your photos, photo copy them with a laser copier.




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