Michael Workman Magic!

Sedona Beauty 8×10 oil on Panel

I recently returned from a workshop with Michael Workman in Sedona.  If you ever get a chance to study with Michael, jump!  He not only taught us technique, but most importantly how the process of creating a painting should be as beautiful as toning your canvas to framing your artwork.  He was interesting, he made you question why you paint, what artist you love, and where you want to take your art.

It’s not only about the painting itself, you have a unique opportunity to show others how a subject makes you feel.  You have a voice, and the more unique the more interesting the painting.  So I learned it’s not about replicating a scene but creating a vision that’s your own.  It’s important that artist’s know themselves, and stay true to their vision & style, I ask myself when I start a painting, “what is my message, what do I want to show & tell the viewer.”   One of the Exercises Michael had us do was to paint a cow picture ( Michael is known for his cow paintings) and what surprised and delighted me the most was that every cow painting turned out as unique as the person who painted it.

Michael Workman at work!

Making art is a gift that you give the world.  It comes from your soul, and is the result of all the experiences & beliefs you hold dear.  You take the viewer to beautiful places, and sometimes remind the viewer of a special place, or person.  It’s a connection that is timeless, when I look at a Monet painting I’m back in the early 19th century seeing his beautiful lily pond, seeing what he saw.  Art has an everlasting place in this world, and I am thankful everyday that I get to paint what I love.  I hope you all find your passions, and what makes your heart sing!

If you ever get a chance to see Sedona, I think it’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth…don’t miss the Enchantment Resort, it is truly a magical place!



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