The Skinny on Online Art Classes!

Have you ever run across an artist that stops you in your tracks…surprisingly there are many talented people out there, not just a few. Deborah Paris was one of those artists, her tonalists paintings are moody, beautiful transparent colors, and you can see she really has taken the time to learn her craft.

How I found Deborahs art is pretty much what I do in my spare time, when I’m not painting, I  browse through artist websites, I do this a lot because I love to learn so much from other artists, especially by looking at their websites, and reading their blogs.  I always wonder if there is anyone out there reading my posts, will I am here to tell you there are, I am one of them.  I don’t know how I came across Deborah’s website, but when I did, I loved her work.   I decided to see what her workshop schedule was like, who knows maybe something close to home, and in my time frame.  I saw that she teaches on-line courses, painting the luminous landscapes, painting trees, painting sky’s are 3 online workshops she offers.  So being the workshop queen that I am, I decided to give it a shot….mainly I thought if I could only try to paint like her, learn her techniques, could maybe give my paintings a more luminous look and feel.  So I signed up, as did artists from Ireland, Canada, US, from all over.

I was excited and curious as to how this would all work out, could I really learn something without seeing it in person, well I was very surprised how intense the workshop was, I was painting  night  and day, and finished 8 paintings, so I can say I learned a ton, and got so much out of the class….I would recommend the experience to any Artist out there.  First off, Deborah Paris is a great teacher…very thorough, gave us lots of great resources, visuals, viedeo, you name it she thought of it.  She bases her study on thumbnail sketches, which I was happy to rediscover, and it’s a must before you paint, and the two books I love:  “Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting, and Edgar Payne’s ” Composition of Outdoor Painting.”  I could tell straight off Deborah was a pro, so I took the class seriously, I did a slew of thumbnails, then on to Underpaintings, and layer after layer of transparent paint.  I learned a ton, and learned alot from the other artists taking the course, they asked those questions that we all want to know but forget to ask!  I did 8 paintings, some I loved, some I struggled with, but learned a ton with each one of them.  When we got to a certain stage in the painting, we took pictures of them, downloaded onto blogger, and Deborah gave us each critiques.

That feedback alone was so valuable.  So next time your wondering would I really learn from an online experience, take the plunge, it’s a great learning experience.  I’m on to my second class with Deborah, the Painted Sky, in August Painting trees, I saw a post from one of her previous students who took the tree class, she said ” you’ll never look at a tree in the same way again,” well I want to find out why.

Back to painting…



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