“Empty Nest”

My youngest daughter graduated last week from high school, so that makes me officially an “Empty Nesters.”  It’s a strange time in a parent’s life, your excited for the freedom, your no longer on a set schedule, and it brings you back to the days before kids.   But even that has changed, if I get a chance to sleep in, I can’t, I’ve gotten in the habit of getting up with the sun. One thing that I do know during this time of uncertainty, is I’m glad I have my art.   I’m so thankful I can lose myself in my art, I can go for days studying, painting.  I’ll miss my girls, I’ve cherished my years with them at home, but change is good, I know they are excited  to be on their own, and experiencing the fun of college life.

Now it’s my turn to sit back, no more arranging schedules, her life is in her hands.  This is an exciting time for my daughters, I can’t wait to see what they discover, places they will travel, the future is wide open, and I hope I have given them the wings to soar!

People ask me how I feel about this transition, am I going to be broken hearted, yes and no….I knew this day was coming since they were young, and always felt a nostalgia for this parting, but excited for the new transition in my life.   I can travel now when I want (no more set to the kids school schedule), and I can really throw myself into my art.  My schedule is my own, and best of all I still get to be mom to my lovely daughters….So I move on with joy and sadness.  Sadness for the empty nest, but excited for what the future holds.



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