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Wow, I was so honored to see I was chosen as a featured artist on artbystaci.com.  Staci also grew up in Utah, and is moving and shaking her creative world.  Staci paints, shoots photography, and writes, multi talented for sure, check out her website above.  Growing up in Utah,  a bond Staci & I both share,  imprinted the majestic mountains, clear mountain lakes, wildflowers of all colors in our minds, so much to share with others, and in such different ways.  I thank my lucky stars every day that I was obessed with art, as I tell people who ask, ” I didn’t choose art, art chose me. ” There is a lot of talent out there in the world, and I want to share with you the artists that have made an impact on me, new & old.   I follow an artist, who I got to know personally in Victor, Idaho this summer at Scott Christensens’ workshop.  Her name is Julie Davis, and what an amazing, hard working artists….she’s also a doll!

I have been following her blog,  www.campdavis@austin.rr.com…and was so impressed by the quality of her paintings.   Julie  decided to learn the landscape, starting with trees….which are beautifully done as you can see below….just one of her many tree studies, and I can’t believe how they get better & better….it’s true, you do get better with practice!  She has only painted for 4 years, and you can see the dedication and hard work she puts into her work.  Check out her blog and website, you wont be wasting your time, she shares her techniques and ideas for tree studies, you just might learn a thing or two about trees!

Another artist, who generously shares her vast knowledge is Deborah Paris, a tonalist Painter, who really has studied the masters.  I found her searching the web for artists.  I love to view other artist’s work, and have learned a ton from them.  I have taken 3 of Deborah’s online courses, and the study material alone, is worth every $$.  Check out Deborah’s website, & blog her work is mysterious, and beautiful.

Deborah Paris see her work below:


 These are 2 artist’s I follow….we really can learn so much from each other.  Back to the brushes!



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