Abstracting Florals & Landscapes Workshop

If your interested in learning how to create my intuitive mixed media florals, and abstracted landscapes, please send me a message.  Depending on interest, we can set up a workshop in your area (invite your artist friends) or I'll hold a workshop in my home town of Park City Ut.

It's so much fun and great energy when artists get together to learn. I will teach you my techniques, focusing on line, negative space, color harmonies, and different tools I use to create my paintings.  Let's put together a group!

Park City, also we can create a workshop in your area.

$400.00 per person for 3 1/2 days.

Goodies I provide:

  • My favorite tools.
  • Fun stencils I use.
  • Continental Breakfast each morning, lots of laughs!
  • I'll show you how I start my day.


  • Go to your favorite paint store, or browse a magazine for your favorite color palettes.
  • Any tools you want to use.  I'll show you mine, which you can use also.
  • The pattern stencils you love.
  • Canvas or 300lb water color paper to work on.
  • I have a list that will give you specific details!

Love to share with you what I have learned!

Melanie xo

Key Information

Utah or in your area

3 1/2 days

$400 per person

Contact Melanie: